Anna Ådahl



IMPOSSIBLE HOMEOSTASIS (performance) at Hordaland Art Centre, Bergen in March!
A seminar consisting of one performance and three lectures addressing issues of humanism, universalism and tactics of observation. With Nathan Brown, Territorial Agency (John Palmesino og Ann-Sofi Rönnskog), Aaron Schuster og Anna Ådahl.
The starting point for this B-open seminar is questions concerning humanism, universalism and tactics of observation. Curiosity and a wish to map certain current philosophical discussions impacting contemporary art making has been the driving force.
We invite you to experience artist Anna Ådahl's performance work 'Impossible Homeostasis', hear critical theorist Nathan Brown present his critical text on Object Oriented Ontology 'The Nadir of OOO', learn more about the methods of the Anthropocene Observatory by architects and urbanists Ann-Sofi Rönnskog and John Palmesino (Territorial Agency), and get your facts straight regarding notions of humanism and universality by philosopher and writer Aaron Schuster.
We hope to clarify issues regarding the relation between matter and life, their conditions and qualities. Questions we'd like to pose are related to the causality of an artwork (idea- or material-based); the possibilities and pitfalls within de-anthropocentric and materialist strands in contemporary art and philosophy (an outline and critique of speculative realism; OOO etc); methodologies for creating
representations of the invisible (hyperobjects, climate, the universal).
The seminar is supported by Arts Council Norway, Bergen City, the
Freedom of Expression Foundation and Hordaland Art Centre. The seminar was conceived by Toril Johannessen and Anne Szefer Karlsen.
About our guests:
Nathan Brown is an Assistant Professor of English in the Department of English and the Program in Critical Theory at the University of California, Davis. His first book, The Limits of Fabrication: Materials Science, Materialist Poetics, is forthcoming with Northwestern University Press. With Petar Milat, he is the co-editor of a special issue of Frakcija Performing Arts Journal titled The Art of the Concept. He is the author of articles on philosophy, experimental poetry, and communist theory in such journals as Radical Philosophy, Qui Parle, Parallax, and Mute Magazine.
Aaron Schuster is a philosopher and writer, based in Berlin. He received his PhD in philosophy from KU Leuven (Belgium). He has written extensively on contemporary art and culture for magazines such as Cabinet, Frieze and Metropolis M, and has collaborated with artists on a number of projects, including an opera libretto (with Loris Gréaud and Raimundas Malašauskas), a performance piece (with Mario Garcia Torres), and as a dramaturge for a dance piece (choreographed by Daniel Linehan). His book Is Pleasure a Rotten Idea? Deleuze and Psychoanalysis will appear in 2014 (MIT Press). He is a main tutor in the Fine Arts Department at the Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam, and a research fellow at the Institute for Cultural Inquiry, Berlin.
Anna Ådahl is an artist based in Stockholm. She works in different media, such as performance, film, installation and collage. She has recently shown her work at Botkyrka Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden (2013), FRAC Champagne Ardenne, Reims, France (2013) and Taiga Space, St Petersburg, Russia (2014). She is also a member of the editorial board of OEI magazine, and has been awarded the yearlong IASPIS residency in London starting September 2014.
Territorial Agency, founded by architects and urbanists John Palmesino and Ann-Sofi Rönnskog, is an independent organisation that engages in developing instruments and methods for innovative and sustainable territorial transformations.