Anna Ådahl



New images of Common Patterns att CCA Derry-Londonderry, June-July 2015
Common Patterns is an exhibition about mouvement, urban landscape, crowds, patterns, choreography, the masses, ornaments, obstructions, restrictions, impositions, gestures, mass choreography, mass ornament, subjects, subjecthood, common space, public objects, public space, syncronistation, symmetry and order.
The works in the exhibiton emerged from my re-reading of Siegrid Kracauer´s text The Mass Ornament which raised the following questions.
How does the urban patterns and choreography of our bodies in the city shape our behavior and further our subjecthood?
How can the patterns and objects that surround us in our common public space, the patterns of surfaces that control our movements, affect our behaviour and stature? And what is the relationship between the mass ornament, the mass choreography of Hollywood musicals and the mass choreography of the crowd in urban space?
Kracauer states that the position that an epoch occupies in the historical process can be determined more strikingly from an analysis of its more prominent surface-level expressions than from that epoch’s judgements about itself.
The mass ornament is also the aesthetic reflex of the rationality to which the prevailing economic system aspires. And the current site of capitalist thinking is marked by abstractness and like abstractness the mass ornament is ambivalent.