Anna Ådahl



Anna Ådahl: Inside The New Massornament - Whitechapel Gallery 24/11/16

Anna Ådahl: Inside the New Mass Ornament


An evening featuring a selection of works by artist Anna Ådahl, including  a premiere screening of Crowded Excercises II (2015-16) and Default Character (2016).


Anna Ådahl works in various mediums. She uses the cinematographic tools of assemblage and montage to address the aesthetics and politics of collectivity.


This event focuses on a series of works that engage with the theme and the figure of the crowd. The works relate to Anna Ådahl’s research on the aesthetics and politics of urban and digital crowds from the subject’s perspective. (She refers to these crowds as system-operated crowds.)


In Dependence (2008) mixes newly recorded fictive and documentary sequences with archive material from film history. The fictive sequences examine the psychological and physical dynamics of the crowd by showing two individuals (played by Elin Klinga and David Mjönes) act out its behavioral patterns isolated in an abstract, private space.


The work To New Horizons (2013) explores these crowds historically by combining the aesthetics of Soviet mass spectacles and industrial endeavours with the mass choreographies of big Hollywood productions from the 1930s.


Crowded Excercises II (2015-2016), which includes sequences from a workshop with dancers at Trinity Laban Conservatoire for music and dance, reflects on the experience of participating in the physical crowd of the underground where, through repetitive gestures, our bodies interact with others and with the infrastructure.


The most recent work, Default Character (2016), addresses the human representation and vocabulary in online crowd simulation tutorials. Asking the question which crowds needs to be programed and systematized today?


Supported by ACME and IASPIS.




7:00 Presentation and introduction


7:10 In dependence (2008)


 7:25 To New Horizons 2013, (a historical perspective)


7:40 Crowded Excercises II (2016)


7: 55 Default Character (2016)


8:15 Discussion


8:35 Q & A

 In association with Acme International Residencies Programme supported by IASPIS, Sweden.