Anna Ådahl



In Dependence. Crowds, Gestures (2010)
Published by OEI editör

The book was released at INDEX, The Swedish Art Foundation, in april 2010.
Anna Ådahl: In Dependence. Crowds, Gestures asks the question: what can an artist’s monograph be today? The book contains a substantial visual presentation of material from Anna Ådahl’s artistic practices. Starting from this material, it discusses the relationship between collective and individual, between mass and mimesis, between film and gesture, between condition and unconditionality, between montage and collage, between model and movement in a series of essays and notes by Diana Kaur (ed.), Stefan Jonsson, Mara Lee, Federico Nicolao, Fanny Stenberg, Fabien Vallos, Sven-Olov Wallenstein, Kim West and Anna Ådahl.
The book can be purchased here via contact for 20€ or at;; Printed Matter, New York; Pro QM, Berlin; Motto, Berlin; Index, Stockholm, Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm; Moderna Muséet, Stockholm; Section Seven books, Castillo Corrales, Paris among others.
Download the book as a PDF here (63,6MB).