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Default Character 1-2-3 (2018)
Default Character 1-2-3 (2018)

Default Character 1-2-3 (2018)

3d printed life size busts in polyurethane and unhardened clay.
The 3D printed clay bust is developed and executed by RISE Interactive at the Northern WASP Hub in Umeå.
The busts feature the default character proposed by the crowd simulation software. They are 3D-prints in unhardened clay and polyurethane plastic. The fragile clay that will wither and crack with time mimics the short temporality of the software where its constant development makes the previous version obsolete. The plastic on the other hand represent something constant and ubiquitous, despite the default character becoming obsolete as soon as it has been printed, and in that sense contrasts the dynamic software that is renewed continually. The choice of material establishes a kind of dialectics between the perishable and the eternal. 


A crowd simulation agent is positioned far from the viewer, in the periphery, and therefore has limited features, sometimes missing a mouth or with apparent polygons. 

Some busts show glitches from the 3D printing revealing the digital gestures, the traces of the flaws intrinsic to default settings in the computer system.


 Installation view of Default Character 1-2-3 in exhibition Deafult Characters,
 Marabouparken Art Gallery, 2018.


Default Character 1 in polyutherane, 3D print life size. Default Character 2 in unhardened , 3D print life size.



                        Default Character 3 in polyutherane, 3D print life size