Anna Ådahl



Opening 12 November 2016. Curators Lu Peng and Letizia Ragaglia.
Read more here about participating artists and more:   More >
A 6 min performance based on extracted gestures from Öyvind Fahsltröm's novell Russian Dancers with dancer Rebecca Chentinell.
The event include readings, film, performances, animals, and organic materials.
Other contributors include Anna Hallberg, Johannes Heldén, Cecilia Grönberg, Jonas (J) Magnusson, Jörgen Gassilevski (more info soon)   More >
An evening showcasing works by Swedish artist film-maker Anna Ådahl.   More >
Iaspis Open house 17/9 at 18:00. Panel discussion about the future of IASPIS together with Daniel Birnbaum, Sara Arrhenius, Magdalena Malm, Olav Westphalen and Mats Hjelm.

Lecture and seminar about my research at the Royal Art Institute within the context of Mejan Assembly - Picturing National Identity/Modernity other speaker was Georgios Papadopoulos.   More >
"Inside the New Mass Ornament. The aesthetics and politics of urban and digital system-operated crowds ".   More >
My video "Crowded Excercises I" (2015) will be exhibited in the show OEI Strata at INCA Seattle.   More >
Public commission for Stora Arkens square in Haninge, Stockholm, Sweden.
Inaugurated Sept. 2015.   More >
An 8-years old guide to LIAF 2015.   More >
Galerie Roussan, Paris. 5 Sept.-31 Oct. 2015   More >
19th of September at Stora Arkens Torg, Haninge, Stockholm.   More >
Biennale: Lofoten International Arts Festival, Lofoten, Norway   More >
Lofoten International Arts Festival 2015. Artist announcement.   More >
Solo-exhibition at Taiga Space, St Petersburg Feb-March 2014   More >
Model of Continuation by Lina Selander at OEI Colour Project, Sept. 2014.   More >
Article on performance/installation The Exhibited by Joni Hyvönen.   More >
Article in film magazine Walden, 2013.   More >